The right choices? Read the Community Choices Fund 2016/17 Report

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In 2016/17, 33 organisations received a share of £1.7 million from the Scottish Government's Community Choices Fund to support participatory budgeting activity across Scotland.  Each of the recipients completed an evaluation template and the attached report has been produced as a collective summary of the data received.

The report is worth read for anyone interested in PB in Scotland as it highlights plenty of practical considerations to think about when running a PB process, as well as more general trends among the supported initiatives.

Key highlights are:

  • 39,484 people voted for 2,058 community based activities and projects at 122 community choices events (this includes digital votes).
  • 1,349 projects secured funding to the total sum of £2,511,438.
  • There were numerous themes supported by community choices and the most popular were Health & Social Care, Young People and the Local Environment.
  • There was significant engagement with partner organisations from all sectors, for example the Big Lottery, churches, the NHS and the Housing Sector.
  • 27 of the 33 Recipients made use of the national support programme (consultancy, digital, community support).
  • Online voting can increase voter participation for some marginalised groups including mental health, physical disabilities and those living in rural areas.

Download the full report