Mainstreaming PB in Scottish Local Authorities 

As we work towards the 2021 Mainstream PB Framework Agreement, come along and hear examples of how local authorities are ‘doing things differently’. We’ll have the opportunity to discuss what mainstream PB can look like in Scotland and the opportunities that PB can provide for local authorities and communities. 

Facilitated by: COSLA

Learning from young people 

Young people and young people’s organisations have blazed a trail for vibrant community led PB processes across Scotland. This discussion is around what works and what lessons can be learned by the community at large.

Facilitated by: Young Scot

Co-producing good PB with communities 

How do we make good quality PB happen in Scotland? Can we use Scotland’s Charter for PB to work with rather than to communities? 

Facilitated by: SCDC

Building Dialogue and Deliberation

Good quality dialogue and deliberation is a key feature helping people taking part in PB to come to the best decisions for their communities. How is this developing in Scotland and what needs to happen to spread our practice? 

Facilitated by: Oliver Escobar 


Let’s Get Digital

Digital tools offer additional and complimentary routes toward participation in PB processes, this workshop will share experiences of how this can best work in practice, opportunities for digital participation and challenges to be overcome. 

Facilitated by: The Democratic Society

What place for voting?

A discussion on the debate around the proper role of voting within Scottish PB processes. Featuring colleagues from Church of Scotland, COSLA, Edinburgh University, Participatory Budgeting Project, PB Scotland

Facilitated by: The Democratic Society 

Tackling inequalities & PB

Tackling inequalities is a key aim of participatory budgeting in Scotland. This often overlooks the intersectional inequalities experienced by disabled people, people of colour and others. This session will discuss ways to guard against exacerbating injustice and use PB to help challenge inequality. 

Facilitated by: Glasgow Disability Alliance

Global perspectives of PB

Participants will be invited to learn and discuss what has worked well in international settings, or what issues they are grappling with - sharing and learning from other’s experiences. 

Facilitated by: SCDC

Learning from evaluation

What do evaluations of PB in Scotland tell us about practice, policy and impact? In this workshop we’ll explore what evaluation work has been carried out and what lessons we can take away – and apply to our practice.         

Facilitated by: Glasgow Caledonian University