Grant making through Participatory Budgeting

Grant making through Participatory Budgeting

Specifically written with community led organisations in mind but also useful for front line workers or local authorities starting out on using Participatory Budgeting, this guide lays out a simple 10 step process for PB grant making, from forming a planning group right through the monitoring and evaluation.

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Evaluating Participatory Budgeting

 Public Agenda in the USA has released 15 key metrics for evaluation and a toolkit to provide common measures of success in participatory budgeting (PB). The North American PB Research Board, in collaboration with the USA based PB Project helped to develop these tools. The methodology used ‘will have universal application, even outside the USA and Canada’.

You can find out more and download the toolkit here.

Introductory Guide to Participatory Budgeting

This guide to Participatory Budgeting has been written by leading experts on PB in the UK.   Funded by donations from consultancy work done by PB Partners, it covers all the basic information you need to understand how PBcontributes towards the democratic community engagement work of local authorities and public bodies.

It includes information on the Values, Principles and Standards underpinning all high quality PB work, the background to how it has developed in the UK, the advocacy work of the Network and PB Partners and includes case studies of 4 successful PB programmes.

You can download your free copy from PB Network

PB in Action blog posts

PB Scotland is featuring a series of updates from Scottish local authorities who have been supported to engage in PB activity by the Scottish Government.  The Scottish Government is part-funding PB consultancy support delivered by PB Partners during 2015/16 to twenty local authorities across Scotland signed up for PB activity in their area.

You can read these updates below.