Moving Towards the Mainsteam
See how we can take PB further

How do we make mainstream PB a reality?

We want you to tell us your reaction to this film. Does is hit the mark? What could be better?

Most importantly, we want to know how you think we make mainstream PB a reality. What can you do? What can local and national government do?

What one thing should happen to make mainstream PB a reality?


What is participatory budgeting?


PB is a way for people to directly vote on how local money should be spent. It's used across the world, and now in Scotland where PB events are being run by public bodies and local communities.

Most PB has been happening at local events using small pots of funding, bring communities together and giving people new skills and getting them involved in local decision making.

Why mainstreaming?

Mainstream PB takes this idea further, by opening up the budgets of local councils and other bodies to public voting, giving more decision making power to local communities.

Mainstream PB is still in its early stages, so now is the time for us all to think about what it should look like and how it can address inequalities and poverty in Scotland.

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