Get your PB activity on the PB Scotland website

The PB Scotland website has been up and running for two months now and has started profiling PB activity around Scotland. 

PB Scotland is looking to cover 6-8 future PB initiatives, capturing the enthusiasm, innovation and learning and sharing it on the website.  We want to attend any live events, interview people involved and record the process using written, audio-visual and social media. This will be brought together on the PB Scotland website to provide an attractive, informative account of the PB process.  We may also be able to write up previous PB activity. If you would like your PB initiative covered in this way, please get in touch via the contact details below.

You are also welcome to submit details of your PB activity for publication on PB Scotland.  Your posts will be featured on the website, along with any images or videos that you may have and we will share the blog via social media and mailouts. Blogs should be around 200-300 words and detail the background, process and any outcomes from the PB activity. If you already have a webpage or social media page dedicated to your activity we can link to it too.

The following prompt questions may be useful if you want to submit your own blog:

  • What was the background of the project? Where did it stem from?
  • Which locations / communities were involved? Which organisations / groups were involved?
  • How were decisions made? What was the process?
  • What did participants get to decide upon?
  • How many people were involved in the process?  
  •  What were the key themes/outcomes that emerged?
  • What were the key learning points?
  • What are the next steps?

To get in touch you can email Andrew Paterson / Sam Jordan at or call 0141 248 1924. From there we can discuss the best way to record your PB activity.