PB feature on 'Creating a Fairer Scotland' website

The Scottish Government's Creating a Fairer Scotland website contains the following story which shows how PB projects in Scotland and England can learn from one another.

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In June 2015, Community Empowerment Minister Marco Biagi visited PB projects in Durham and Manchester to find out how they have involved thousands of people in the area. With 18 local authorities now signed up to the concept in Scotland it is an approach that will dramatically develop over the next year.

The Minister visited MutualGain in Manchester, which saw 15 Police and Community Support Officers (PCSOs) in Greater Manchester participate in a programme to deliver 12 PB events across the county.  Mr Biagi also visted Seaham, in Durham, where a neighbourhood policing team delivered a PB event in partnership with Durham council.  The event was attended by more than 450 people and contributed to a 31% reduction in victim based crime and an 11% reduction in anti social behavior.

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