PB in Action: Angus

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Angus Council is piloting a participatory budgeting approach in the East Brechin area under the banner “Your Budget, Your Choice”.

Under this initiative, the people of East Brechin are being invited to spend a budget of £20,000 on initiative to improve wellbeing in their area.

A local steering group has been established to manage the initiative and work is already well underway to raise awareness in the community and generate proposals for the spend.

The voting day for this initiative is provisionally scheduled for mid-November.

In addition to making a positive difference to quality of life for people in East Brechin, Angus Council sees this initiative as an opportunity to develop its knowledge and understanding of how participatory budgeting works with a view to extending this approach both geographically and in scale.

Further information is available from Sarah Kettles, Communities Manager (kettless@angus.gov.uk) or Graham Hewitson , Service Manger (hewitsongg@angus.gov.uk).