Grow Your Group for PB in Fraserburgh

Grow Your Group Event, Saturday 5th March 10am - 12pm, Fraserburgh Community and Sports Centre

'Grow your Group’ is an initiative by AVA and partner organisations to address the support needs of community groups hoping to benefit from "your voice, your choice" Participatory Budgeting (PB) Funding.

£100,000 has been made available in Fraserburgh to help improve the health and wellbeing of those living in the Fraserburgh North area. Using the Participatory Budgeting funding model, local community groups and projects can apply for between £200 - £10,000 for projects which improve the health and wellbeing across the local community and help to make the north area of Fraserburgh a healthier place for everyone. This event will offer practical help for community groups including information on:

  •  Creating a Group
  • Finding out what’s happening in your area
  • Developing a plan of action
  • Applying for "your voice, your choice" PB funding
  • Promoting your project
  • Learning new skills/Confidence building
  • Showing the impact of your project
  • Connecting with others in your community
  • Planning for the future

The AVA Grow Your Group Event will help local groups and projects feel better prepared to make an application for PB funding. We will do this by helping them gain a better understanding of the PB process and how AVA can help support local groups on an ongoing basis.

Contact Gaby Beattie or call 07585603424 for more information.

To book your place online please visit: