Budgeting for a Fairer Scotland Masterclass


Wednesday 17th Januray 2018

Effective, inclusive budgeting is a key means for statutory agencies to cede power to local populations and citizens to empower them to make decisions in their local area.  There are several approaches which offer insights into how this can be done.

The Health and Social Care Academy in partnership with What Works Scotland has brought together champions in the fields of gender budgeting, human rights budgeting and participatory budgeting in order to explore these three approaches, and how the principles behind them can be implemented in Scotland to bring about transformation.

This event will cover gender, human rights, and participatory budgeting, will introduce the approaches and existing examples of large and small scale budgeting in practice across the globe. There will then be a panel question and answer session, where our speakers, alongside a representative from the Scottish Government, will discuss the benefits and pitfalls of these approaches, and what lessons we can learn for future budgeting approaches nationally.

Join us to add your voice to the conversation, and explore how better budgeting can contribute to a fairer Scotland.

Register here.