Help shape the future of Leven Promenade


People in Levenmouth are being urged to share their views and help shape the future of the Promenade.

Fife Council allocated £25,000 towards the regeneration of the prom and worked with organisations and individuals throughout the area to select nine options.

The options, which include a cycle lane, improved lighting and a garden space design, will be up for the public vote on January 11 and taking place at the Kino Cinema between 3-7 pm.

Fife Council’s community manager for Levenmouth, Dave Paterson, explained: “We’re funding this project to the tune of £25,000 and are really looking forward to that money making a difference to our promenade.

“The aim is to involve local people in deciding how public funding is spent in their area, and deciding which projects should receive funding by taking part in a voting process.”

The process is known as ‘participatory budgeting’ and gives the public the chance to have a direct say in how money is used and how it can make a difference to their community.

Cllr Ken Caldwell, convenor of Levenmouth area committee, is encouraging as many local people as possible to get involved in making these important decisions. He said: “We want to see lots of people coming along to the event, get together, and vote on the nine proposals identified at a community consultation held on 27th September to decide how this money should be spent for the benefit of the community". 

“Your vote is important for this to happen to improve our Leven Promenade.”

The nine options are the creation of cycle lanes, a garden design, improved accessibility, improved signage, improvements to the skatepark, improvements to the play area, the building of a bandstand/music area, the installation of picnic benches and open shelters, and the creation of an outdoor classroom.