Training: An opportunity for Trusts and Foundations

A masterclass for Charity, Trust and Foundation managers, and those working towards community empowerment. 

The role and implications for Trust and Foundations, both to adopt the participatory budgeting model themselves, and to use it as an opportunity to maximise the impact of their funds through partnership is an exciting one. However there will inevitably be questions and concerns about ensuring fairness, good governance and making best use of limited resources. 

The participatory format allows for plenty of opportunity for interaction and networking. With a view to providing a stimulating and informative experience. It will include a review of participatory grant making mechanisms as a way of stimulating community engagement, both within the UK and worldwide.

How Attendees will benefit:

This 1/2 day long masterclass will provide an overview of Participatory Budgeting (PB), aimed primarily at people working within Trusts and Foundations, with the aims of: 

  • Increasing participant’s knowledge of PB, including experiences in Scotland to date
  • Consideration of ‘participatory small grants’ and ‘mainstream’ models of PB
  • Addressing potential pitfalls and challenges.

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