Money for Moray: Tackling social isolation through PB

Money for Moray is an independent voluntary group which draws its membership from the Joint Community Councils of Moray, the Moray Forum, and the Moray Federation of Community Halls and Associations. The group gets valuable support from the Community Support Unit of the Moray Council.

Their PB process is focusing on the broad theme of ‘reducing social isolation’ and has attracted a high level of interest from community groups across Moray (at the closing date there were 58 applications for a total of approximately £170,000 which is over 4 times the total grant available). The group are delighted at the response and are now into the intensive process of going through the applications and starting to prepare for the decision event which will take place on Saturday 25th March in Rothes. As part of the process the group are offering presentation workshops to all the groups who make it through to the decision-making event(s). These are designed to help the applicants build their skills and confidence in making presentations on their project at the events and to try and ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to make their case. Watch this space to see how they get on with their decision-making event.

MfM are also taking forward monitoring and feedback from the successful applicants to last year’s PB process (which focused on economic development). They have designed a monitoring and evaluation form which will be the basis for informal interviews with a sample of the successful projects from the last round. They are looking to gather information on 3 main elements – the direct impact of the funding on the group’s outcomes; the impact on the capacity of individuals and the group; and the experience of the PB process itself. The group are also now well underway in designing their monitoring/evaluation criteria for this year’s process.

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