Food Glorious Food- Local residents have their say

Local residents have their say on how money is spent on a number of projects in their community, thanks to a new participatory budgeting initiative launched by Midlothian Council.

Funding for local groups

£16,000 was made available in each of the three areas to support groups working to improve health by promoting healthy eating, supporting community growing schemes and other food related activities.

Running under the banner of ‘Food Glorious Food’, the initiative is being supported with funding from Midlothian Council and NHS Lothian and will run in three areas - Gorebridge, Woodburn/Dalkeith, and Mayfield and Easthouses.

Gorebridge residents have voted

On Saturday 25 March 2017 180 local people in Gorebridge voted in favour of funding ten projects, all aimed at promoting healthy eating.

Among the lucky projects that got the green light were:

  • Arniston Rangers Youth Football Club:  Fresh water dispensers will be installed at their new facility.
  • Gorebridge Gala Committee:  Healthy eating buffets will be provided at their gala week events.
  • Growth Matters: Resources will be purchased to establish a community garden.
  • Gorebridge After School Club:  Healthy food options and cooking classes will be provided for local children.

The votes are in. Mayfield and Easthouses residents have their say

Around 200 locals attended the ‘decision day’ in Mayfield Church Hall on 20 May. 151 residents decided which projects would receive funding by casting 3 votes each.

The projects that will be funded include:

  • Mayfield PS Parent Council: A project that will provide cooking classes for children in Primary 7.
  • MayField and Easthouses Parent & Toddler Group: A group encouraging re-school children to have a healthier diet by introducing them to the taste of a variety of fruits. During school holidays, siblings will also be involved in the project and given responsibility for preparing healthy snacks, fresh fruit and fruit-based ‘smoothies’.
  • Mayfield Church Holiday Club.: The ‘Healthy families in the holidays’ project runs family-focused activities during the summer holidays. Many families who use the project are on low household incomes. The project will provide food resources. Families will work together, developing skills and knowledge in preparing and cooking healthy nutritious food.

Funding decisions still to be confirmed within the Woodburn/Dalkeith area. On the other hand click here to receive a detailed account of what happened when SCDC's Development Manager, Olivia Hanley attended the Woodburn/Dalkeith funding event.