Spirit of the Gorbals



Spirit of the Gorbals is part of Spirit of 2012’s Glasgow Commonwealth Games legacy programme Fourteen; instigated by Spirit’s investment in the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games and its legacy around the UK. 14 communities across the UK have been identified as Fourteen communities and have received a resource budget of up to £250,000 to invest in activity that local people themselves believe will make a difference to well-being and happiness within their community. Spirit of the Gorbals is the local name for the Fourteen programme in the Gorbals. 

A community Panel involving local residents oversees the distribution of the Spirit of the Gorbals resource budget informed by the ideas and aspirations of community groups and local people in the Gorbals. The Panel meets on a monthly basis. For more information on what Spirit of the Gorbals has been up to visit their Facebook page. 

Spirit of the Gorbals also has a youth panel, named the Young Deciders, comprising of young people from the area aged between 11 - 19 years old. The group have a small grants programme for young people to apply to. The Young Deciders would welcome hearing from other young people in the Gorbals who might be interested in getting involved. 

For more information on funding options, how to apply and events click

Deadline for applications Friday 19th January 2018!