#PBFest18: Laying the foundations...Co-production through PB in Denmark and Scotland

Thursday 25 October 2018
15:00 – 16:00 BS

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How do you use Participatory Budgeting (PB) to inspire co-productive ways of working? And how do you engage in rural or urban locations and create commitment within a diverse and changing population? Join and be part of a debate on PB and co-production.

Taking place during #PBFest18 this 1 hour webinar with PB Partners will exchange experiences of the practical challenges to, and the opportunities from strengthening the local governance of public bodies through participatory budgeting (PB).


Using a question and answer format PB Partners will explore the limits to PB:

  • Can we use PB strategically to address wider social issues, such as isolation – and what are the challenges?

  • How to introduce PB when there is no ‘community’ to pick up the initiative, and with what consequences?

  • What can you do to grow a more deliberative and democratic PB beyond just grant-making?

For who - You?

This webinar is aimed at community planning and public engagement officers, including those interested in rural sustainability. It will appeal to a wider audience too, including community councillors, elected members, environmental and PB champions of all kinds. In fact anyone interested in finding out more about PB and its links to co-production.

Value for you

Participants will be able to ask questions during the webinar, and get feedback from the panel. You will hear about personal experiences of setting up PB processes and all the mistakes we made. And some things that worked. Join the webinar and;

  • Benefit from awareness of the work of others operating in different contexts

  • Identify opportunities to foster future learning exchanges, either via webinars or meeting face to face, perhaps even during Scottish Co-Production week, in mid November

  • Hear about and feed ideas into the wider discussion on a PB charter for Scotland – or maybe for Denmark

  • Explore how PB and co-production can deliver meaningful community empowerment.

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