DemSoc: Digital Development Group meeting notes, 23rd October 2018

On 23 October, members of the organisations who are involved in widening the use of participatory budgeting, and a number of partners from across Scotland, met for the first ever PB Digital Development Group organised by the Democratic Society Scotland.

The plan is to widen membership of the group to more councils and community groups, but the small group that came together on the 23rd discussed the scope, principles and immediate actions for the group. 

The group will: 

  • Share learning, knowledge and thinking regarding digital participatory budgeting;

  • Share what we’re all individually doing, to find common opportunities so those examples can help more people doing participatory budgeting and participation;

  • Learn more about identity and assurance for doing digital participatory budgeting;

  • Develop a shared forward plan for digital participatory budgeting in Scotland. 

Please read the notes to find out more about the group - and if you're from a council or community organisation using digital PB who'd like to be at the next meeting - which will be in January - please get in touch.