Fae the Ground Up: New film profiles the Spirit of Ruchill and Possilpark PB

Spirit of Ruchill/Possilpark was part of Spirit of 2012’s Glasgow Commonwealth Games legacy programme Fourteen, providing an investment of £250,000 into the community. The programme operated from January 2015 through to June 2018.

From it's inception, a Panel of local people have overseen the design and distribution of the resource budget informed by the ideas and aspirations of community groups and local people.

In 2018 the Spirit of Ruchill and Possilpark Community Panel secured additional funding from private and public donors to continue the community-led grant-making programme.

In early 2018, the Spirit of Ruchill/Possilpark Panel commissioned Media Co-op to create the below video to celebrate and promote the achievements of the Fourteen programme and the ambition to continue this approach.

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