Got an idea to tackle poverty & inequalities in your community?

Your Voice Your Choice 2 is the latest participatory budgeting project launched by the Musselburgh Area Partnership. This programme is looking for projects which will target reducing poverty and inequalities in the community.

The programme is being funded with £20,000 from the Musselburgh Area Partnership and £50,000 which we have successfully bid for from this years Scottish Community Choices Fund of £750,000 for the whole of Scotland. This successful bid was one of 94 bids amounting to over £4 million pounds for this fund!

What types of ideas, or projects, can be submitted?

Any type of idea (project) can be submitted that you think will have a positive effect in targeting poverty and inequalities in our community.


Project ideas can come from any organisation, group or individual in the community and those which reach the final selection process will be voted for by the community. Those who are successful will be funded. (See our guidance document and application form for application criteria)

Whilst any project idea is welcome there are some key area which would help:

  • Improve health and wellbeing

  • Strengthening communities

  • Raising achievement

  • Including everyone

  • Education

  • Employment and training

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