Your Voice Your Choice - PB for young people in Musselburgh


Musselburgh Area Partnership have organised a PB event taking place on 27th February 2018 at Brunton Theatre

The “Your Voice, Your Choice” programme is an opportunity for every child and young person, aged 8 – 18, living in Musselburgh, Old Craighall, Wallyford or Whitecraig vote on ideas for their community.

The programme is being funded with £20,000 from the Musselburgh Area Partnership and supported by East Lothian Council via the Community Choices Fund

This project aspires to provide our children with the opportunity to take ownership in the way in which their communities are developed; participate in the decision making process as to which projects are funded; build a greater sense of belonging by creating a community where their voices are heard; create a sense of achievement by participating in the process and by building confidence and self-belief in their ability to make a difference in their community

There's more information here