Our Democracy: Act As If We Own the Place campaign

Our Democracy held an event, Amplify, in Dundee late last year which showcased examples of organisations already acting as if they owned the place. But Our Democracy want to focus on looking at how we can turn ‘acting as if’ into actually owning the place. So following on from this they had another event last month titled Impact Our Democracy, a discussion on how people can come together to give communities the power they need to take decisions locally.

A film from the day

Participants discussed how local democracy currently works in Scotland, as well as examples of alternative structures where people have a greater control over what happens in their communities. Impact looked at the forthcoming Local Democracy Bill as a concrete example of where we can strive to effect change in Scotland. 

This declaration will be launched at Democracy 21 - a conference on the future of democracy.

This is an opportunity to attend and take part in the discussions as well as to offer advice on all aspects of the Our Democracy campaign. The purpose of the event is to bring together distinct groups of people to think about the problems of democracy in the current political, social, technological context and to attempt to collectively imagine the evolution of our current thinking, institutions and practice of democracy. 

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