3 Towns Best Garden Competition

Is your garden colourful and creative?

Does it encourage biodiversity?

Do you grow your own fruit or vegetables?

The 3 Towns Best Garden Competition will take place over the summer and is now open for applications.

All the information you need is detailed in the attached leaflet below but please get in touch using the below email address if you have any queries: participatorybudgeting@north-ayrshire.gov.uk


Application forms will also be available in local libraries and community centres in Saltcoats. 

The 3 Towns Growers are also running a range of growing workshops over the summer, which you may find useful http://www.northayrshire.community/2018/07/3-towns-best-garden-competition/

It’s very interesting and great to hear of an outcome of a PB process and how the impact of it is still bringing people together.