Global Participatory Budgeting Hub

We’re delighted to see this week's announcement of global leadership for participatory budgeting. Their first meeting will be in Edinburgh during #PBConf19 week and we'll benefit from 20+ PB global leaders participating in the PB Scotland conference.

What is the Global PB Hub?

The Global PB Hub aims to improve and expand participatory budgeting (PB) around the world by addressing common challenges and opportunities faced by PB implementers and supporters. It coordinates research, shares learning, and develops resources, building on the expertise of the PB community. PBP is incubating the Hub as a new fiscally sponsored initiative. 

What’s the hub been up to so far.

  • Brought on new staff: Clara Bois (Program Manager) and Mariana Gonzalez Ruiz Velasco (Research and Design Fellow) will support global PB learning and collaboration. Read more here.

  • Created a Global PB Support Board and Global PB Research Board. The PB Support Board will guide and prioritise work to improve PB practice and impacts, while the PB Research Board will coordinate global research on PB and its impacts. They received nearly 80 applications from exceptional PB leaders in 34 countries. Meet the boards here.

  • Planned initial workshops and exchanges with the global PB boards, in Scotland and Mexico. At each meeting we’ll learn about diverse PB experiences, share knowledge and resources, and identify priorities for collaborative global work.

What’s next.

  • Resource Centre: A new website is being built that will compile the most useful PB materials, guides, articles, videos, and other resources. They goal is provide PB implementers, practitioners and supporters around the world with an accessible and intuitive tool where they can find resources to make PB processes more equitable, inclusive, and stronger.

  • Scotland in October: As mentioned, the Global PB Support Board will meet in Edinburgh alongside the our conference.

  • Mexico in December: The Global PB Research Board will meet in Mexico City alongside the International Observatory of Participatory Democracy conference.

Want to know more and get involved?

  • Send suggestions of PB resources that you’ve found most helpful.

  • Sign up to the mailing list here.