Going Forward for South Carrick


Ten young people came together in conjunction with Girvan Youth Trust with support from a Sessional Youth Worker to organise a PB event. We were supplied with £25,000 to give out in grants of up to £2,500 to groups in South Carrick who were working with ASN, Dementia and intergenerational work.                                                                                                                   

Working with the Scottish Government, we organised and helped run a “Decision Evening” on the 21st February 2019. We started by taking part in a steering group to begin our sessions and sort out what we were going to do. We split into groups to take on different roles such as Registration, Advertising and Voting.  Several weeks and bags of chips later, we had organised the main necessities of the event and put together the application form. We notified local organisations about the upcoming event and asked them to complete an application form.  The group asked a local firm to provide us with cakes at a reduced cost.


Soon, the application forms had all been returned and we were faced with the daunting process of sorting through them to eliminate them down from 16 to 13. We then informed the groups of whether they had been shortlisted for the funding or not, and asked them to attend the “Decision Evening”. We decided on an evening event, as this was asked for by the public at our last Decision Day.


The evening itself was a complete success. We asked each group to perform a two-minute presentation and then the audience had 2 minutes to ask questions. The audience were asked to vote 1-5 for each group on an electronic keypad that everyone was given. We then counted up the votes, and 12 groups were fully funded and 1 group was partially funded.

The feedback from the people who attended the evening was that it was successful and it was also a better time to have an event.


  • Girvan Community Sport Hub,

  • Girvan Youth Trust,

  • South Carrick Club Diamonds,

  • Nursery Court Day Services Group,

  • Girvan Opportunities Planning committee,

  • Girvan Junior Bowling Club,

  • Sacred heart primary school,

  • Hillcrest Residential unit,

  • Girvan Early Years Centre,

  • The Ballantrae Trust,

  • The Cosy Cabin Invergarvin

  • and Ayr United Football Academy.