New video shows how US elected officials have been supporting PB

A new video from the Participatory Budgeting Project shows how elected officials in United States have been engaging with PB.

The video features inputs from a range of elected officials who talk about the impact PB has had in building trust between voters and officials. It also notes how important it is for PB processes to be properly staffed and resourced by authorities to be effective, and explores the role of elected officials in the process, especially with such limited time available:

"The point of participatory budgeting is really to delegate: it should not be an elected official-led process, it should be a elected official-supported process."

It also highlights potential for increased engagement in civic and political decision making:

“People really need a way to continue to be engaged civically in way that feels helpful and empowering for them. Our hope is that if people come out and vote in PB, it becomes the first step on a long road to lifetime political engagement.

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