Join the PB Scotland Network reference group

We are hugely encouraged by the level of interest so far in the PB Scotland Network – the current number of members now stands at an amazing 221!

Help shape the network

As the network grows, we think it is important that it is shaped and developed by members themselves, so we need your help.
We are looking initially for a small group of people to come together to establish a core reference group for network activities and for advising on policy as participatory democracy in Scotland grows.
The role of the reference group will be to;

  • Advise on the development of the network’s activities to ensure that they best reflect what the membership is looking for
  • Engage in discussions on national and local policy developments relating to participatory budgeting
  • Help with the promotion of the network and its learning through local and national channels

The intention is that the group will meet twice in the next calendar year, but that communication via email and social media channels will take place in between times. How the group, and the network develops, will be dependent on what we decide to grow together.

We are looking for people from across different sectors and different geographies so, if you have hands on experience of participatory budgeting, or if you are implementing PB as a way to improve local democracy, we would be very keen to hear from you.

Please contact for more information or to express an interest. See full contact details here.