PARTICIPATORY BUDGETING – What about the Outcomes?

PB Partners are delivering a 'masterclass' for people auditing public sector programmes or reporting on outcomes on Monday, 6 February 2017 from 10:00 to 15:00 (GMT) in Edinburgh. The worskshop will be delivered by Jez Hall from PB Partners, and co-hosted with Audit Scotland. It is sponsored by the Scottish Government.

The Scottish Government is promoting Participatory Budgeting(PB) through the £2m Community Choices programme. Over 20 Scottish Local Authorities have already begun using PB within their community engagement work, much of it reported on the PB Scotland website. The aspiration of the Scottish Government for Community Choices is an ambitious one, yet work around ensuring robust audit, reporting and performance management is still at an early stage.

The participatory format allows for plenty of opportunity for interaction and group exercises. With a view to providing a stimulating and informative experience. It will include a review of existing tools for PB self assessment, for monitoring and the auditing of community engagement, both within the UK and worldwide.

Discussion at the masterclass will inform a short briefing report that will be fed back to the Scottish PB working group, and thereby inform policy development as the Community Choices programme matures and expands in coming years.

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