Update on PB in East Ayrshire - February 2017

Colleagues from East Ayrshire provide us with an update on their PB activity.

Over the new few months 17 communities across East Ayrshire will be involved in an exciting opportunity to access funding for local groups or individuals to develop new ideas in their local community, with the amount available totalling £200,000.

East Ayrshire Council’s Vibrant Communities service and East Ayrshire Tenants and Residents Federation (EATRF) have secured funding from the Scottish Government Community Choices Fund, East Ayrshire Health and Social Care Partnership and East Ayrshire Council to further promote and develop Participatory Budgeting in local communities.

Local Community Led Action Plan Steering Groups have been leading the process in their communities with the support of Vibrant Communities and are keen for local people to make applications and to attend the community events. Twelve local Community Led Action Plan Steering Groups have up to £10,000 for PB events each in their communities. Each event will either have a presentation or marketplace format.

In addition to this, local groups or individuals in 5 areas identified by East Ayrshire Tenants and Residents Federation can bid for funding to develop a project or proposal that benefits people living in their local community. Two of the areas will have up to £10,000 each and the other 3 will have up to £20,000 each.  These events will have a presentation format.

For a list of events and further information please click here