Participatory Budgeting and Young People - PB Partners event

An Insight event on hearing the voices of young people through Participatory Budgeting

This 1/2 day event will seek to:

  • Increase participant’s knowledge of PB, including experiences in Scotland to date
  • Explain the difference between ‘participatory small grants’ and ‘mainstream’ models of PB
  • Explore the role of adopting good youth empowerment principles within PB.

Led by experienced facilitator Peter Bryant, the participatory format of this insight event allows for plenty of opportunity for interaction, with the aim of providing a stimulating and informative experience. It will review experiences of young people's involvement and empowerment through PB internationally, feature the work done by Young Scot in supporting PB processes both digitally and face to face, and consider how youth work may respond in communities in years to come.

Discussion at the event will inform a short briefing report that will be fed back to the Scottish PB working group, and thereby inform policy development as the Community Choices programme matures and expands in coming years. 

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