Announcement: We've got a new homepage

If you’re a regular visitor to the site, you may have noticed PB Scotland has a new home page.

The new front page has been designed to better reflect how people use the site, as well as do a better job surfacing the amount of content that gets posted each week by the PB Scotland team.

The new homepage does a few things differently to the old one:

  • It clearly and boldly explains what PB Scotland is straight away – and tells people PB stands for Participatory Budgeting, a common question! This reflects analytics which told us that after users visited the homepage the most clicked link was ‘About’ – suggesting some evident user confusion.
  • The old homepage also lacked a clear starting point for user so we’ve introduced an asymmetric 3 column layout, giving priority to our excellent and growing event reports, news and then explaining what PB is. From left to right, this gives users a clear route to travel and helps us highlight the best stuff on PB Scotland.
  • Lastly, we’ve increased the content visibility by 70% on first load. Before, too much of it was ‘below the fold’ – requiring users to scroll down to see it. Now, you can see the latest content and understand what PB is without having to touch the mouse. We’ve also added 25% more content to the homepage overall.

The new homepage will be tweaked and adjusted as we go, but we're always extremely interested to hear your feedback and thoughts about the website, and our new design. 

You can email with any comments.