What Works Scotland: How do we build foundations for mainstream PB in Scotland?

What Works Scotland have published a policy briefing which looks what needs to be done for mainstream participatory budgeting to develop further in Scotland.

Mainstream PB is participatory budgeting is where the public decides where larger sums of public money is spent through a fair and transparent voting process.

The report details some of the work that has been happening across Scotland around mainstream PB and goes into detail about what is working and what might need to improved:

  • The report highlights the range of challenges that will need to be overcome to develop mainstream PB, especially around culture, capacity, politics legitimacy and sustainability

  • What Works Scotland also point out the need for a focus on increasing deliberation around PB, and the increased focus on using PB to tackle inequalities.

  • There’s a need to build an digital infrastructure in for mainstream PB, enabling large-scale citizen involvement

  • The report also looks at how local authorities need to fully resource mainstream PB, including providing trained staff and engagement, and make sure strategies are in place to address barriers and ensure diverse and inclusive participation.

You can read all the key points, and the full report, here.