PB Masterclass: PB for Trusts and Foundations, 20th March

This 1/2 day long masterclass will provide an overview of Participatory Budgeting (PB), aimed primarily at people working within Trusts and Foundations.

The role and implications of participatory budgeting for Trusts and Foundations, both to adopt the model themselves, and to use it as an opportunity to maximise the impact of their funds through partnership is an exciting one. However there will inevitably be questions and concerns about ensuring fairness, good governance and making best use of limited resources. 

The participatory format of this event allows for plenty of opportunity for interaction and networking. With a view to providing a stimulating and informative experience. It will include a review of participatory grant making mechanisms as a way of stimulating community engagement, both within the UK and worldwide.

Discussion at the masterclass will inform a short briefing report that will be fed back to the Scottish PB working group, and thereby inform policy development as the Community Choices programme matures and expands in coming years.

There's more information and booking here.