PB Scotland step-by-step guide:

What is

PB is a way for people to directly vote on how local money should be spent.

PB comes in all shapes and sizes, but often it looks like this:

1. Groups pitch their ideas to share the day's funds

2. People vote for their favourites

3. The groups with the most votes are awarded the funds

PB also happens online, where digital tools help PB scale up to reach millions of people.


It's used across the world, and now in Scotland where PB events are being run by public bodies and local communities across the country.

From healthy eating to youth work, participatory budgeting is giving thousands of people a say about the local issues important to them.


Participatory budgeting events bring people together for discussion, food, music and fun...


...and can help encourage people to become more involved in local decision making and democracy.


PB Scotland helps to cover some of the participatory budgeting taking place through our event reports - capturing the activity, enthusiasm and learning.

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